7 Secret Reason Parle-G had ₹ 8000 Crore Turnover

7 Secret Reason Why Parle-G Company makes 8000 Crore Turnover & How are they gonna do it? want to know? Just read the full blog.

You will shock after you know that almost 25 years. Parle-G Company had sell there Parle-G at ₹ 5 (Rupees in Indian Currency)that is Low-profit Margin but then also Company Turn over is ₹ 8000 Crore per Year. The question is How are they gonna do it? want to know? Just read the full blog, I will tell you 7 Screat Strategy that Parle-G Organisation had done for future planning.

7 Secret Reason Parle Company Turn over is ₹ 8000 Crore per Year

7 Secret Reason Parle Company Turn over is ₹ 8000 Crore per Year

In 2012-13 the Parle-G Company total Net Business was Around ₹ 5000 Crore. After a certain year, In 2017-18 the Company Turnover Increased 60% that is ₹ 8000 Crore. The organization had not increased a Single Rupees then Also they touch ₹ 8000 Crore Business. There are many strategies but 7 are the Secret Strategy you should know & apply to your Business also, so you guys are ready !!!!

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Let’s Do it

Before going to the Top 7 Secret Strategy, I will tell you about something for Parle-G Case Study

1) Unique Story
2) Strategies
3) Leadership Secrets
4) Future Strategies
5) How to Apply On your own Business

The list is the Top 7 Screat Strategy For Parle-G Company.

1) Low-Profit Margin
2) Same Price but Decrease in Weight & Quantity
3) Buying Intelligence
4) Operational Efficiency
5) Low-Cost Packaging
6) Location Of Factory
7) Multiple Price Variant

1) Low-Profit Margin:

Parle-G is a Driver Product, Low-cost Margin & Primary Product.

Driver Product means it is a product which is very famous and it is remembered & purchase in every family in the house.

Because of the Driver Product, Company decided not to increase Parle-G Rate (5 Rs only).

Driver Product & other brand

Driver Product & other brand

They created a strategy that these products will give us a Low-profit Margin but it will be forever the heart of every family because of his Price.

So the question is If it’s a Low-profit Margin then How Parle-G Company Will Earn Money?

You will be 100% surprised, if you know Krack Jack, Monaco, Hide & Seek, etc are the Parle Company Brand total 100+ Product Brand is available.

Parle-G is a Driver Product they earn hardly any money. But because of Krack jack, Monaco, hide & seek, etc they Earn Maximum Money for These Brand.

2) Same Price but Decrease in Weight & Quantity

Parle-G company had already decided never increased money for Driver Product. So on a usual day, all the raw materials are very expensive so the company decided to decrease in Quantity & Weight for the Driver Product.

Same Price but Decrease in Weight & Quantity

Same Price but Decrease in Weight & Quantity

Let’s tell you with an example: In Earlier Day Parle-G Biscuit we’re at ₹ 5  but 90 gram. But now if you look to the Parle-G Biscuit you will be surprised it’s Price is ₹ 5 but it is 55 gram + 10 gram Extra. So basically it is 55 grams. So Company Cost has not increased but there is a decrease in Quantity & Weight. But obviously it is fare because every people know the Parle-G will get it for ₹ 5 Rs. So the Price of the Parle-G became a value for money.

3) Buying Intelligence

If you save money while buying Raw material then this is called Net Profit.

You will be surprised that Parle-G is a very Particular & Organised way while buying raw materials.

In 99% case, Parle-G company direct source from Framer & Company.

In India, Parle-G is the only Company that takes Raw material very reasonable rate.

Because of this, they sustain there cost at a Regular Price at the Consumer Level.

4) Production of the Parle-G Company is very large but the wastage is very nill or Negligible.

According to the Economic Times, Parle-G daily Produced 115 Tons but the Wastage Efficiency is less than 1%

Employee Productivity Level also increased it’s measure KRI & KRA.

Production of the Parle-G

Production of the Parle-G

5) Low-Cost Packaging

They know that Customer is very Price Sensitive, so they don’t waste their money while adding Paper over to the biscuit.

They Simply Cover biscuit With Simple Plastic & Printed a Girl which is very famous for Parle-G Brand.

In Big Pack of Parle-G Biscuit, they simply cover outer simple Plastic with there printed design and for the inner biscuit, they have covered with Transparent Thin Plastic Cover.

6) Location Of Factory

To decrease the Logistics charge, their best strategy was Location.

So they first Build there Company Factory at Vileparle in Mumbai, so that whole Mumbai or Maharashtra will capture with low Logistic Charge.

Coming to this great strategy, The Company Builds its great Factory in Karnataka, to capture whole Karnataka State.

Moving forward to this best strategy, The Company Build there best Factory in Rajasthan, to capture whole Rajasthan & Gujarat State.

Getting Further to this good idea, The Company Build their good Factory in Haryana & Karnataka, to capture whole Haryana & Karnataka State.

This all done because they have to save all Logistic Cost, Warehousing Cost, Other Miscellaneous Cost & To supply quick order, To increase inventory rotation yearly, to rotate the fund more

7) Multiple Price Variant

Parle-G company analyzed the behavior of the consumer in India.

They know that in India, people are live with family, some with brother, rich, poor & middle-class family so they designed there product according to consumer behavior.

They have multiple Packaging from starting from 2 rs biscuit to hide & seek more than 100+ product brands are available.

Parle Case Study & Brand list of Product

Parle Case Study & Brand list of Product

So, I hope you understand all about Parle-G.

This are the 7 Secret Reason Parle Why Company makes 8000 Crore Turnover, 7 Secret Reason Parle for becoming 1st in the biscuit industry.

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Do You Use Your Parle Business Strategy? How This Helpful for your business? Are There Any Other Strategy Of Parle Company? Please Leave Your Comments Below.

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    7 Secret Reason Parle-G had ₹ 8000 Crore Turnover- Case Study


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