About Us

IT Media Geeks is an educational platform that brings to you general knowledge from all fields of society, from the education sector to sports, from skincare routines to mental health, from books to places, we’ve got you covered across all formats! We thrive for our users to learn something new every day. The focus is to cover up topics from all domains for the overall growth of the user as well as sustain interest with a variety of content. 

Information on our website is in the simplest of words and meanings for everyone to understand easily and the errand is to help people grow a perspective towards a certain topic. Not only do we focus on serious issues, but we also bring several light-hearted blogs for people to enjoy in their leisure time. The ideology is to put up a thoughtful scenario for users to utilize their critical thinking capabilities even while reading. 

Our outlook towards life is to create an “educated” society, and education is not all about the bookish knowledge we get at schools. But it also involves some critical and crucial topics related to life and its essence. A comprehensive development also involves one’s potential for reading, thinking, speaking, and making decisions. Therefore, we publicize topics revolving around a vast range of topics.

We are an independent company consisting of people just like you! Unlike the fancy and style-contained companies, we rather focus on simplicity, conciseness, and correctness of our content and facts. Being close to the roots, being close to reality, we want our readers to dig deep in the knowledge that is more or less practical to this world and can be successfully implemented at some point in time. 


We, at IT Media Geeks, promise to deliver optimistic and diverse experiences, and points of view to our audience to bring them face-to-face with facts and reality. Our mission is a sort of a roadmap to one’s mind, increasing reading capability, developing thought process, and how to make decisions with sensible reasonings. 


The vision is to uplift society as a whole in terms of education and general knowledge. The clarity of the content helps readers of all categories – whether an expert or a newbie, we try to maintain the simpleness and directness of data so it can be beneficial for all.

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