Corona virus or Mental Health?

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21st century, the century where technology has replaced all the hard work, things are just a click away from us. Talking about the current scenario, Covid 19, the huge epidemic, technology is the only means by which our economy is working. From the education provided to the students to the Work from home facilities provided to the corporate world is only possible because of technology. It sounds as if life has become so easy, things sounds to be so sorted and convenient whereas, this is just one side of the coin. No matter what, technology is really helping us in a very good way to survive this pandemic, but, the worst part is, people are really forgetting that how important it is for them to have the human interaction, which obviously has decreased on a large scale. First of all, we cannot even step out of our home (risking our life due to Covid-19) and cannot meet our friends, secondly, even texting someone limits the usage of our words and doesn’t even let us express our feelings truly. Also, The cheap subscriptions given by Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar, etc. have also replaced the talking time with friends for majority of us. 

Corona virus or mental health

No matter what, each and every human has a way to entertain him or herself, but, there are few problems in everybody’s life which cannot be sorted by their own. Sometimes the problems are pretty huge as elephants, whereas, sometimes, they are as tiny as an ant. Anyways, it really depends on the person’s personality, who is facing the problem, either the personality resolve the hardest problem or the personality makes the smallest problem a huge one. What I believe is, no human in this world is as strong as the Marvel characters, somewhere or the other, we all need some sort of support from a friend, or, a mentor to come and help us while we are walking on the road filled with rocks. Let’s talk about the irony over here, the lockdown was set up in order to save our life’s from the ‘corona virus’ whereas, majority of us are losing their life or themselves because of their mental health, where ‘corona virus’ has no role. 

More than coronavirus, “ mental health” has become a huge issue for people. People are really going under stress, some are facing the problem of depression, while some are getting panic attacks, and, some are just simply losing their life by committing suicide. It feels awful to even hear the news of a suicide, and, as per the survey, it has been concluded that majority of the youngsters are facing the problem of depression and are committing suicide. I will obviously not blame technology over here, but, I will definitely blame the mentality of the humans that they have developed. People think that if they share their problem to someone, they might get mocked because of the same, whereas, there are people who really mock others after listening to their genuine problems. And this thing makes us land on one point the ‘the biggest problem lies in humans.’ 

I am not a psychiatrist, and don’t really have words for the people who face the problem of stress and depression neither I’m going to share solution for how depression can be cured, rather, I am just making people realise that what they actually are doing! It is not just for the people who are getting mocked but also for the people who are mocking others. “That one time happiness in mocker’s life is making a lifetime loss in somebody’s else’s life.” 

On a lighter note to end, I’ll say, even a rat runs as fast as he can when he sees that someone is coming to kill or harm him, life isn’t a race but sometimes you have come down on the racing track in order to live your life, leaving other’s with their opinion behind.

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