Top 4 Cricketers with No Haters

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Top 4 Cricketers with No Haters, In modern-day cricket, being everyone’s favorite is a hard job. It’s very rare to make the opponent crowd cheer for you. While this is a dream for many, the fans of a respective team are also divided into groups and categories. Taking the example of the Indian Cricket fans, which are currently sub-divided into Viratians, Rohitians, and Dhoni clubs. However, there are still some cricketers in this era that can win the hearts of the opponent fans with their playing techniques and down to earth attitude.

Here are some cricketers with no haters:

AB De Villiers

Popularly known as Mr. 360 because of his innovative shots all around the stadium. ABD has no trouble whatsoever, either in facing the opponent bowlers or making the opponent crowd cheer for him. I remember a match in Wankhede where De Villiers was smashing the Indian bowlers, and the Indian fans were enjoying it. Undoubtedly AB De Villiers is one of the most loved cricketers around the globe.

Chris Gayle

Teams fear this man for his huge sixes and climbing strike rate, but the fans love him! Chris Gayle has achieved some enormous figures in his career span and won the hearts of all cricket lovers. Everyone enjoys watching the Universe Boss. Windies are well known for their jolly nature, and Chris Gayle is just another Windie, who is very joyous on the field. The man has also got some great dance moves!

Brendon McCullum

You simply cannot hate Bazz! Not just for his batting, but his contributions as a wicket-keeper captain to the New Zealand cricket association. For a fact, all the Kiwis have a soothing nature in comparison to other teams. But Brendon McCullum’s game and temperament never matched. You might want him to get out early against your favorite team but would never want anything less for this batsman.

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is the gem for Indian Cricket. Even after finishing his career as a batsman and wicket-keeper, he did not stop to contribute to this domain. He now serves as the head coach of the U-19 team, grooming all the youngsters to become great cricketers. Dravid in his times was termed as the wall for his impeccable defense in test cricket. He is a gentleman who would just look back to some glorious moments and not some ugly fights.

Many other cricketers such as Alastair Cook and Kane Williamson have careers with minimal haters. But so as we know, there’s a slight chance of people talking about their particular batting styles or some other flaw. But the above-listed cricketers have excelled in both the fields, be it their batting or their involvements with the fan.

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