Do you prefer American Snacks or Indian Snacks?

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American snacks vs Indian snacks

American snacks vs Indian snacks

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should “can” food. However, some of these packed/canned foods rank amongst the most famous snacks of their respective countries. Not one or two, today we compare the best of best snacks from India and America to see which one has the most competent flavors.
Indian snacks, vastly known for their flavors and spices, and American snacks widely popular for their cheesiness, both have won laurels. It is hard to decide the winner without any proper research over their tastes. So here we bring to you: American Snacks vs Indian Snacks!
Chips Ahoy vs Hide&Seek
The battle of the fancy cookies. Both being the classic Choco-chip cookies, have been favorites in their respective countries. While Chips Ahoy has larger chocolate chunks, the number of Choco-chips per bite is greater in Hide&Seek. Chips Ahoy has earned worldwide popularity, while Hide&Seek’s brand ambassador at a point in time was SRK. In my opinion, this is a tied battle.
Cheese It vs Cheeselings 
Americans love their cheese, but so do people from every other country. Contrary to any other cheese dish, both these snacks are very light and crumbly. As of today, Cheese It and Cheeselings are not very different in taste. However, Cheeselings are way flakier and easier to digest. Keeping that in mind, this Indian snack beats the mighty American snack in the cheese field.
Cheetos Flaming Hot vs Kurkure
Kids love Cheetos. Here in India, Cheetos launched a few snacks. However, Cheetos Flaming Hot was not one of them. Even though nostalgia hits bad for Kurkure, Cheetos Flaming Hot has an upper hand. Nonetheless, Kurkure again is easier to the stomach, unlike Cheetos that overpowers the flavor of its spices. Yet, 70/100 people will prefer Cheetos Flaming Hot over Kurkure.
Juicy Juice vs Mango Frooti
Indians have a range of one of the spiciest snacks. Yet the soft drinks here tend to be sweet and luscious. Whereas, the Americans do not mind the sugar rush, be it their cereals, snacks, or drinks. Juicy Juice has more of an artificial flavor added to it, and an excess amount of sugar. While Frooti has a good tangy mango flavor which is not excessively sweet. Therefore, Frooti over Juicy Juice makes sense.
Most of the American Snacks overdose on sweetness. They are fun when you are a kid, but as you grow up and your taste buds enhance, you realize the cravings for some spicy and smoky flavors. And that’s exactly what Indian snacks have to offer. I, for one, would prefer Indian snacks over American Snacks.

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