During Pandemic Top 3 ways to keep Mental Peacekeeping!

Talking about this current situation, this pandemic; a full stop has been given to our daily routine. The balanced life that we all had, is just dissipated now. No doubt, we always believed in a saying “ change is the only constant, “ and always accepted changes as a part of our life, but, nobody knew that this change due to a pandemic will put all of us in deep water. 

Mental peace


We are seeing the situations going worst due to Corona Virus, but, it’s more saddening to see people getting affected due to their own mental health. The lockdown has obviously put a lock on our legs, which further has resulted in zero, or, less human interaction for many of us. People are trapped in their home, some have their parents, flatmates, siblings as their companions while some are trapped all alone.

Majority of the people, facing mental health issues, are youngsters.

Going into depression, or taking stress is really not good for the patient as well as for the patient’s well-wishers. With no shame, I would like to mention, the majority of the youngsters face problems which do not even hold sense. I don’t think, break-ups, losing the friendship, not able to step outside home, not able to meet friends,

are the reason to go into depression, or to take the stress. Indeed, this lockdown has caused infinite problems to each one of us, but, has taught us a virtuous lesson, which is to take care of our ‘mental peace’ in order to stay happy and healthy along with keeping our surrounding positive. I do not think just by quoting this line would be sufficient, so here, I am going to tell 3 ways to keep your mental peace maintained.


Toxic basically means poison. Anything that will make you become ill will be a toxic thing for you. It is not always about the ‘poison tablets’ but also the people who spread negativity, the people whose work leave a bad impact on you are termed as the toxic people. These people not only fill your life with negativity, or the bad vibes, but also ruin your mental peace, which further disturbs your mental health. It is really very important to identify these people. These toxic people can be your friends, relatives, and it is always in your hand to identify these people and to remove them from your life. Nobody should be considered superior in your life when it comes to your mental peace.


When we are free, the first thing that strikes in our head is to go and spend time using social media. Social media is not restricted for anyone, hence, you will see your friends, mutuals, celebrities, influencers, critics and many more. The lifestyle of many people will really help you, in order to feel motivated for good things, whereas few lifestyles might make me you feel sad, or might develop the emotion of jealousy, which is pretty human. It is always in your hands to select the correct lifestyle which you should follow, else, the emotions of being sad or jealous will directly influence your mind and you might lose your mental peace.


Human needs never end, as soon as one of your need is completed, another need arise.

This is one of the most pathetic nature that we humans have, we never stay satisfied with what they have. We always go, cry for the materialistic things, and as soon as we get them, their value automatically reduces and another thing adds on to the list. This desire of things basically never ends, but they do take our whole attention towards them, as a result, we are not able to focus on the important things. It has never been asked to stay quiet and desire for nothing, but, you should always respect the things you own and should wait for the correct time to welcome another need.

This attention, not only makes you lose your interest in other important tasks but also results in ruining your mental peace. Being happy is what we have makes us internally positive and our mind strong too but the desiderated nature directly affects our mental peace.

The above said three things are really not very difficult to perform in your daily routine, rather, they are as simple as wearing clothes. It is very important for us to keep ourselves mentally healthy along with our physical health. A healthy mind is key to our positive thinking. 

In order to conclude, I will just say one thing, “Anything in this world should not be kept superior to your own mental peace”

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