Top 5 Guarding Dogs in India

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Dogs are man’s best friends. But is that all they do for us? Clearly, not! It is us humans who ignore a whole lot of benefits of having a pet dog. Not only do they act as a great companion and emotional support, but they are also a great guarding asset for the house. 

Top 5 Guarding Dogs in India

There are so many popular incidents of dogs saving their owners’ in disastrous circumstances. Be it Hachiko or Kelsey, their love and loyalty towards their owners are remarkable. However, certain dog breeds have especially been raised to guard. 

Here are the top 5 guarding dogs in India:

German Shepherds

This is a dog breed you will often see with the police and military forces. Surprisingly, GSDs are great family pets too! A perfect mix of family pets and dangerous dogs, German Shepherds grow up to be what you want. This highly active breed sets a high standard for other guard dogs. Although, if not socialized enough, German Shepherds can be a bit over-protective about their family.


I, for one, am a bit too scared of this breed because of their biting capabilities. Nonetheless, they Rottweilers turn out to be one of the best guard dogs for larger areas. These dogs Do Not entertain outsiders unless properly trained. Rottweilers are highly versatile dogs and need proper grooming and obedience training to fit in a family for any role.


Dobermans’ physical appearances often make people think that they are vicious and aggressive. However, they were initially bred to develop the traits of a personal security dog. Over the years, the breeders have down Doberman’s aggression, and now they are more complimenting for the role of a guard dog. They are energetic and courageous, exactly what you’d like to see in your guard dog.


Very alert and watchful, this breed is a hybrid of Bulldog and mastiffs. Bull mastiffs often scare the hell out of people with their large furry body. Although these dogs have a good temperament towards humans, they must be socialized with other dogs at a young age, to prevent them from attacking other animals in the latter age. These dogs are naturally protective of their family.


These solidly built dogs, with strong jaws, are meant to be protectors. Initially, they are very kind and have a good temperament. And for the lovely creatures they are, they sure make a good guard dog as well. Boxers are easy to train and are very energetic to be around.

We sure have missed many beautiful dogs out of this list, but that’s because we are talking about breeds that are easily available in India. If you know some of such breeds, do let us know in the comments!

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