Highlight the feature or trend of the IT industry of USA

Highlight the feature of the IT Industry of USA United States Of America. IT Industry In the USA is Big Revolution in the world. In Technology USA stand 1st in the World. IT Industry included Programming Language, Artificial Intelligence, Hardware & Software, Digital Marketing.

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  • Microsoft
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In the USA, the very big IT Company Co-founded here called Apple Founder is Steve Jobs. Microsoft Founder is Bill Gates. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Google CEO is Sundar Pichai.

IT Industry is very bom-bom in the USA, because all the famous company Co-Founder are based on the USA.
Google itself has 92%-94% share throughout the world in Search Engine. Google stands No. #1 position in Search Engine.

The IT business is molding or giving shape the U.S. economy in a few significant or very important manners, most strikingly as for sectoral advancement, financial development, by and large, or big business tasks, and administrative arrangement. Obviously the business, in spite of its relative youthfulness contrasted and progressively settled divisions, will stay a key player in the country’s monetary scene. In any case, its possibilities are tempered by approaching issues identified with universal issues.

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