How to Find a Smart Domain Name For Your Blog

How to Find a Smart Domain Name For Your Blog by Brainstorm your domain name, According to your interest, Analyze Competitor & Competiton, Keywords Should be on Domain

Hi Friends, Today I will tell How to find a Smart Domain Name For Your Blog.

I’ll explain to you:

Smart Domain

 What is SmartDomain?

Smart Domain in a simple language, it is a Domain Name that you have to
1) Brainstorm your domain name

2) According to your interest, maximum keyword search traffic

3) Analyze Competitor & Competiton

4) Keywords Should be on Domain

Find a Smart Domain name For Your Blog

90% of the Beginner Blogger, forgets to do this kind of research & They Fail!

But Follow the certain Step you will be Unstoppable! Believe Me!

90% of other Blogger said that it is not important, but in my experience, it is Extremely Important to select a SmartDomain. Selecting a Domain name plays an important role in the internet website.

Selecting the smart website domain is not very tough and you can easily select a perfect Smartdomain name for your new blog.

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 Below is the point to remember while choosing a #SmartDomain.

1) Find your interest or niche, you want to write a blog

2) Analyze the competitor for Niche or Interest

3) See the Domain Name For Competitor & Analyze the Whole Website

4) Check the popular keyword that is trending By Google Trends

5) Check the Total Traffic that popular keyword getting by Google Keyword Planner Tools

6) Enter that keyword in the Domain Name

7) This 6 step called SmartDomain Picks Up For SmartBlogger.

Lets I’ll explain with some Great Example:

  Example For #SmartDomain To Pick Up Blogger Technique

1) Ram had an interest in some of the Sarkari Naukri or Government Jobs Niche.

2) He decides to make a website or Blog for Sarkari Naukri or Government Jobs Portals

3) So 1st step was to “Seen the Domain Name What Competitor are using!” & “Examine the whole website of Competitor”.

4) He Goes to the Google Trends, to see which keyword is Trending in Jobs Portals.
5) So he Found Keyword Called as Sarkari Naukri, Government Jobs, Govt Jobs, Free Jobs Alert, etc.

6) So he searches this keyword in Google Planner Tools, He got maximum traffic getting to this keyword.

Keyword Trafic Competition

Keyword Research Sarkari Naukri

7) So Finally, He saw that the Jobs Portal For This Keyword, Get a Maximum Searches Every Month.

8) So Finally, He decides to pick a Domain Called as

9) In this Domain, he got a Keyword For Sarkari Naukri & Govt Jobs & also some part of Government Jobs.

10) This is How Ram had picked a #SmartDomain by Great Brainstorm Techniques.

So, I hope you are capable enough to pick a Smart Domain Name!!!

I suggest using .com

I think you don’t make a mistake like me?

If Yes! Here are five tips which help you to find your dream domain –

Keep it Short & Simple & Crispy
Use Keyword which is maximum search volume
Don’t Use Numbers to any Domain
Always Use.Com Extension – I mostly recommend you to use domain extension like .com because it’s for globally rank your website.
Research & Brainstorm for your #SmartDomain Name

Must-Know about Domain Extension:

  Domain Extention:

Before going to start, I mostly recommend you to use domain extension like .com because it’s for globally rank your website. But for Knowledge, you should know about all the extension, at least information.

.COM: .Com is pronounced as a dot-com Domain. .Com Full form is Commercial. it’s for globally rank your SmartDomain website.

.EDU: .Edu is pronounced as a dot-Edu Domain. .Edu Full form is educational institutions. It’s generally for the School, Colleges & University etc.

.NET: .Net is pronounced as dot-net Domain. .Net Full form is a network. It’s generally for networking technologies like infrastructure companies and internet service providers.

.GOV: .Gov is pronounced as a dot-gov Domain. .Gov Full form is government. It’s generally for Government Organization or For Country Government.

.MIL: .Mil is pronounced as a dot-mil Domain. .Mil Full form is Military. It’s generally for Military branches For Every Country

.ORG: .Org is pronounced as a dot-org Domain. .Org Full form is Organization. It’s generally for Organization Firm.

Country code top-level domains:
For Every Country, precisely it is given Domain extension
Such Top-level Domain TLD consists of two letters.
It looks it, below are only 5 country-wise Domain Extension.

Domain Country wise Extension


Thank You Follow

Hope you understand a How to Pick Smart Domain Name!!! Going forward Let’s Talked about the remaining sub-points topic?

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