Challenges Faced In Maintaining Cultural Diversity At Workplace

Research timing:-


Research topic  Duration 
Identification of the general idea of research  15
Choosing suitable research topics  10
Formulating the research plan  10
Research methodology  10
Data collection process  10
Data analysis  5
Analysis and interpretation  10
Research findings  5
Observations 2
Results  5
Documentation  7
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Other factors:-

Other factors that are involved in maintaining cultural diversity includes several factors including:

Risk and assumptions –

Risks include communication issue because of language barriers, way too much of options are available as employees are from various background, hostility can be a valid reason as there will be biased decisions in the working environment, implementation challenges in the sector as it was noted that the managerial community of organizations are usually busy to apply changes, risk of discrimination and barriers in equal treatment is a common factor present almost in every organization (, 2020).


Ethical issues –

Ethical issues in the cultural diversity include unethical leadership that can lead to misconduct, toxic work culture created by unethical leaders present ion the workplace results in uneven work pressure and presenting toxic mentalities, discrimination, and harassment which result in unequal opportunities for all and unrealistic and conflicting goals which can be due to lack of planning and execution.

Political factors –

factors related to corruption due to the presence of some workers association or can be risks of political freedom that can deteriorate the nature of the workplace.

Weather conditions –

Diversity consists of varying personalities and from different places (Lynch et al. 2020). Getting accustomed to constant weather can be problematic for employees.

Material availability –

without the availability of the required materials at the workplace, the goals can never be met as materials play a vital role in delivering desired results.

The commitment of project partners –

While committing to a project under some seniors, there can be pressure due to unfavorable work. This affects the mental health of employees and indirectly affects the results.

Funding sources

Obtaining cultural diversity in a workplace needs to have the availability of useful elements that can mitigate all the risks in the workplace. To mitigate the issues present, a need for funding is required and that is to be supplied to improve the facilities available to maintain the systematic work chain flow. The funds are collected from donations and trusts that are working on maintaining industrial and corporate work culture. The major part of the funds needed are donated by the company management and the rest amount is collected from the donations. The funds are utilized in solving all issues related to material availability and other risks associated with cultural diversity.

Future research

Regarding the future of the organization, researches are to be conducted to improve the technological factors that are present in the organization including the training approaches and training techniques to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness obtained from the tasks of the organization. A study on the use of human resources can be done as it is involved in every sector of the organization and proper utilization of the human resources available leads to loss of resources and ideas available for the development of the organization. A focus on the educational grounds should be given as proper technical education will help the organization to recognize effective leaders and employees and their skills that are beneficial for the organization. Proper identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees working provides the company with a scope to develop an effective team for specific works. Activities and initiatives can be taken to identify the appropriate standard of quality the company should maintain and the products along with the services the organization is providing as a successful business involves improving product quality and maintaining the same budget with minor changes. The involvement of different ideologies and personalities in different fields may help the organization in fast decision making and gaining multiple perspectives to better development. Proper implementation of technologies in the organizational work plays a vital role in the effectiveness and improving efficiency and that includes the use of computers, smart technologies to speed up the work, and the use of electrical attendance of biometrics. The use of software for sharing information and maintaining team coordination makes teamwork effectively. Business strategies can be implemented to improve the workflow structure of the company and maintaining the man-hour relations can help the organization to achieve future targeted goals.

Equality, diversity, and sustainability

Maintaining gender equality in the work sector is a traditional issue that needs to be resolved as females are deprived of the deserving positions and salaries in this patriarchal society. It is the loss of the organization as the women employees are a part of human resources and their skills are not utilized fully for the discrimination. Diverse socio-economic challenges will be there as employees are from different regions and different cultures, their approach to the work will vary according to the social culture that they used to follow and the tests of their culture will be visible in their work.


Driving a company needs cost and expenses to maintain all the facilities that are required for the functioning of all the elements present in the organizational structure. The costs include the salaries that the employees will get on behalf of their type of work, non-payable sections include company expenses due to traveling and providing other facilities including accommodation and flooding to the employees working under. Cost of research process must be there for the future development of the company and involvement of other department is needed that includes the expenses of meetings with partners and stakeholders, conducting workshops and taking interviews for new recruitment to employees.

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