Problems Faced by Underprivileged

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Problems faced by underprivileged

As in India we have most number of people who are underprivileged and they are not even aware about the facilities the government of India have given them. Social workers , NGO’s and government have been working for providing them basic necessities of livelihood . But some where every one is lacking in fulfilling the demands and necessities of underprivileged people .

The underprivileged people face lots of issues because the lack of there knowledge about facilities and laws are meant for them . The people come from villages to cities in search for work and settle down in different parts of cities by building huts in corners of road . These people can be termed as “nomads” . Some people who are facing these situations have some stories how they have came a long way in such situations . Most of these people have lost there houses in floods and other epidemics and left with nothing and have to struggle for everything . Some people can go and take initiative to teach what they are meant for . Like in foreign countries we see people are not allowed to beg they have to showcase there talents to earn their livelihood . Similarly India has to take certain steps to move further in a good direction .

People who have came from different places to cities to work as factory workers , labours in building houses , as peon , work as small vendors , making handicrafts stuffs etc . But they wont get that appreciation and recognition of their work . All these people are not even able to earn that much that they can fill their empty stomachs . So many of the ladies do odd jobs such as making hand bags , bamboo handicrafts etc and some of them work as waste pickers . Who collect the reusable items from industrial wastes and being in dumping yard for search of things can be used by them . In big cities the childrens are used for begging and selling stuffs on traffic lights and most of these people sold their childerns and daughters having a faith that they will get a good life . Many of the childrens gets a victim of human trafficking and human body parts trafficking . The government had caught so many rackets yet but its not stopped .The government has made certain night schools for these children but they are so burdened by family to earn for their family and work as chorus on tea stall , small restaurants etc . They dont know the importance of study in once life . As apart from place to live , food to eat clothes to wear , schools to study etc . They also lack of hygiene and medical help . The womens and girls have still go to washrooms in open areas and during the time of periods they still used cotton clothes and ash to clean there menstrual parts . These women are less aware about the sanitary pads because of illiteracy among them . And they dont even have proper washrooms so they go in open areas nearby which makes them communicate to lots of illness . The most important thing they are victims of illiteracy that makes them not been capable to stand out in the society.

Right now during this pandemic all these people are less aware of hygiene and cleanliness of what they have to care about right now . All these NGO’s working hard in providing foods to them , making them aware about there rights , making there children study but somehow they are lacking in this . They have been like this from so long . Some NGO’s can take initiative of providing them settled job so these people can settle at one place and there childrens can go to school and wont be illiterate anymore . They would know there worth . And all these womens will be provided sanitary pads during periods time because the clothes and ash they use is having long term effects.

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