School Fees Have to be Paid or Not?

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we all know lockdown has been opposed since march in all over the world . Many people are working from home and paid less amount of salary from walk in work . Now questions arise here that some parents are opposing to pay the school fees mentioning that our children didn’t went to the school in this session then why would I pay the fees .

School fees have to be paid or not

During lockdown most of the schools started online classes from different means of portal to deliver classes to their students . In the previous session students were promoted to the next grade as the government law . Now the schools are asking for the fees to be deposited as soon as possible . Teachers all over the world is working from home and taking online classes from their choosen platforms. The government has reduced syllabus for this session of 2020-21 . The teachers are trying there best to conduct classes and pay attention to every individual . In the beginning the government ordered not to pay the fees during the lockdown and classes will be conducted as usual online . But the end of the session is coming near the schools are demanding to pay the fees . Parents are opposing on this issue have many reasons out one of them that during lockdown some of them lost there jobs , lost there saving and once who have worked has paid less than before . In which they are facing to run their livelihood . The once who works in MNC’s and co-operate sector is facing this issue more often . 

The private schools is also a cooperative sector and facing this issue of fees not being paid . During this pandemic teachers have worked hard to conduct classes , online interaction session with there parents and taking exams in the best way possible. Now some of the social activist taking part in this and supporting the parents. But somehow the reason behind this may differ from person to person. 

Now what needs to be done is in a manner that schools should give some amount of concession over fees and give a certain time limit to pay the fees. As the school is also a private cooperative sector and the teachers working in the school have also run their livelihood. In a manner to feed their family. So if the parents would pay the fees it would be helpful to pay the salary of the school teachers. Somehow it would be helpful in both the ways if these steps taken in favour of both schools and parents.

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