Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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Every coin has two sides. Similarly, every relationship has two facets. One is the all lovey-dovey soft side, and the other is the grim hard side. And a perfect balance between both steers an exquisite relationship. However, sometimes people go over the board with their hard side, bottling up their partners into the corner.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

 A failing relationship has not always had to do with physical violence. Rather mismatching pov’s and excessively emotional behaviour can cause trouble in paradise. It is rightly said that too much of anything is good for nothing as we observe a lot of couples breaking-up due to the extra indulgence of their partners.

A toxic relationship might exist in various forms. As factual pieces of information present several telltale signs of a bad relationship, here’s a list of some hallmark indications that you are in a toxic relationship.


For some reason, people start lying to their partners about their whereabouts, the people they are with, and their plans for the day. As harmless as it seems, even the slightest dishonesty erodes the trust and causes the distance between the partners. Lies and trust cannot coexist, eventually the former destroying the latter. 

Relationship Scorecard

Everybody has flaws, but it takes true love to look past those flaws. However, people often end up keeping a count on their partner’s mistakes. It is a double-edged sword for the relationship. Not only does it sidetrack the current issue but also develops bitterness in one’s heart for the previous wrongs of their partners. 


The most clownish thing you will hear society say is that if you aren’t jealous in a relationship, you don’t love them enough. Rather, jealousy causes unnecessary drama and discord, provoking the complexity of emotions. Jealousy in a relationship raises questions on people’s loyalty, ultimately eliminating the trust factor. 

Intruding Privacy 

Checking your partner’s phone is not normal. While it sabotages their personal space, tying them to your chains of obsession, such behaviour on your part also displays your insecurity and lack of trust in your partner. Though snooping in their phone might fleetingly seem like a good idea, but it only muddles up your mind in the long run. 

Many toxic relationship customs are baked into our culture and we end up accepting them as normal. But if any of these red flags sound familiar, it is time to take action!

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