Top 4 India-Australia Cricket Rivalries

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I know what everyone might be thinking, that India has the greatest rivalry scenes with Pakistan. Then, why talk about the Aussies? Well, the fact that Australia has been one of the strong opponents for India, be it with the bat, ball, fielding skills, or even the verbal spats. Having a closer go, we do get a lot of spicy stuff between the teams. Even though, for now, the players have tamed down due to the IPL friendships, India-Australia Cricket Rivalries will never fade away.

Top 4 India-Australia Cricket Rivalries

Top 4 India-Australia Cricket Rivalries

Here are some epic sledging battles between the two teams:

Virat Kohli vs Steve Smith

It all began in 2014 when Captain not-so-cool Virat Kohli took the lead for the Indians. It was a spat between two young captains, two great batsmen, which soon became a group sledge. Though the initial argument was between Rohit Sharma and Smith, the Indian skipper was then known for his short-temper. Finally, the show-stopper was Virat’s ultimatum for Smith to stay within his limits.

Rishabh Pant vs Tim Paine

After Smith’s and Warner’s ball-tampering, Australia had no definite captain for the 3 formats of the game. The test captain Tim Paine is more or less a “temporary captain”, but to say it on his face was some task done by Pant. Though this sledge can be counted as one of the lighter moments in India-Australia Rivalries, it sure was a deep dig by the two wicketkeepers.

Harbhajan Singh vs Andrew Symonds

Now, this was a serious one, when Harbhajan reportingly made a racist comment on Symonds. The famous Monkey gate scandal was also taken to the courts and other on-ground players had to be present there. Although there was no concrete proof as to what exactly did Bhajji say, one can surely understand the seriousness and intensity of this rivalry between the 2 teams.

Ishant Sharma vs Steve Smith

During the Baggy Green’s fourth test match, Ishant Sharma was spotted imitating Smith’s body language and facial expressions. Smith had a few awkward moments and leaves in test cricket, which sure is an eye-catchy thing. The image of Ishant mimicking Smith soon became viral and the moment is still recalled. Later in an interview, Ishant revealed that he was trying to upset Smith.

Not one or two, India-Australia Cricket Rivalries have millions of such memories. There is no end to this classic banters, and nonetheless, it’s a treat to watch! Do you remember any such India-Australia Cricket Rivalries moment? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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