Top 5 Anime You Should Watch In Childhood

Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Death Note, Code Geass & One-Punch Man are the Top 5 Anime You Should Watch In Childhood!

Top 5 Anime You Should Watch In Childhood

The list is the anime you should watch In Childhood!

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Naruto
  3. Death Note
  4. Code Geass
  5. One-Punch Man

Anime is a cartoon that usually seen by Children in Childhood. It is the most entertaining Top 5 Anime Cartoon at that time & today also!

  Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is the best anime because it came in 1989 and previous to it came dragon ball 1986. Now the dragon ball is considered to be one of the oldest anime. It is counted as one of older anime’s when there were starting to get successful.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z’s first episode air in 1989 and had a successful previous platform because the dragon ball was already successful. Also, Dragon Ball Z raised it’s standard a lot and had many different theories to it which were new for the anime world that time, The series became epic by following Reasons :

  • Epic fight scenes
  • A new theory to the transformations
  • Time travel of trunks and alternate timeline
  • Fear of villains
  • Characterization of the perfect hero Goku
  • Evolution of Vegeta
  • Filler episodes have a calming effect and are lovable to watch
  • Creation of suspense through episodes
  • Different techniques of fighting that evolved
  • The era of Dragon Ball Z was such that it had an effect of anime world by its storyline, characters, and different theories and techniques which were new to the world, the genre itself was new and interesting.
  • These all are now common to the world but that time Dragon Ball Z was first to introduce everything successfully and had a meaning to it.


Naruto’s first episode air in 2002. Naruto isn’t just a character, or the series isn’t just an anime, it connects you to some other world. Shows the difference between ideality and reality. Moral values, codes of conduct as a student, friend, teacher…


And on the top, it teaches you never to give up on your dreams. it teaches you never to lose hope, always to keep walking towards your goals. it brings into picture human weaknesses and gives you a direction on how they can be tackled to bring out the positives in you.

The feelings of love, hatred, friendship, all are depicted so beautifully in the form of amazing character development. Every other character has got a background story, upon coming across which you will be astonished how much pain and suffering they have seen in their life, and still, they are so determined to live and fulfill their dreams.



The series became epic by following Reasons :

  • The best manga/anime.).
  • The best motivator.).
  • The best emotional guide.).
  • The best of fight sequences.).
  • The best dialogues.).
  • The best characters.).
  • The best values.).
  • The best storyline.).
  • The best logic.).
  • The best voices.).
  • The best soundtracks.).
  • The best villains.).
  • The best hero (Uzumaki Naruto).


Death Note’s first episode air in 2006. It is the story of a schoolboy Light, who got a notebook written with Death note on its cover. Which is really a powerful weapon to kill people simply by writing their names and think about the same in mind too.

Death Note

After getting a notebook he starts killing to make the world cleaner, he starts killing all criminals and all. This story has a detective, named L. So the whole story revolves around how Lights killing people and how L deducing the situation. It gives him the ability to kill with a swipe of a pen! The concept is unique.

The story revolves around various themes like Justice, Gods, and Mind Games. The most prevalent theme was Justice. Light induces justice to the world by exterminating all criminals, murderers, and rapists from the surface of the planet. L, on the other hand, chases Light and wants to stop him from killing people. The story is gripping, interesting, and mindful.

The animation is done by Madhouse. The visuals were eyegasmic. Sharp, fluid, and vividly drawn. Light and L looked even better compared to the original manga.f you like psychological thrillers/mind-blowing stuff, Death Note is made for you. Extremely addictive and fun. Enjoyment is over 9000.


Code Geass’s first episode air in 2006. Code Geass delves into the morality and ethics of war, the trauma of committing morally reprehensible acts for the greater good, and strain of relationships with family and friends.

Code Geass

The protagonist, Lelouch, is an anti-hero, specifically a Byronic Hero, and is the most fully realized character with a massive character development ranging from being more idealistic and naive to becoming more traumatized, darker, more ruthless and more desperate to achieve his goals, with his deteriorating mental state often being called into question as he loses loved one after loved one, often as a result of his own actions.

Lelouch vi Britannia’s exiled Britannia prince who was sent as a bargaining tool to Japan, along with his sister Nunnally vi Britannia, by his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, after his mother, Marianne vi Britannia, was killed.

Nunnally witnessed the murder of her mother Marianne, which caused her to lose both her sight and ability to walk. This makes it difficult for Lelouch because he must take care of her while on the run in Japan during the war. After the war in the ruins of a Japanese city, he then vows to his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi that he will one day obliterate Britannia.

After that, he got caught up in a terrorist attack and met a girl C.C. Who gives him the power of king that is to control others. The story consists of many twists and strategies that will make you stick on your seat and watch it till the very end. It had two seasons and both are good.


One Punch Man’s first episode air in 2015. Saitama the Main Protagonist is generally the last to arrive into the fight. The bulk of the good fight scenes are done by different guys. Saitama’s story is not about getting stronger or beating someone specific. He wants to connect with his emotions again and fight someone who can hang with him.

One Puch Man

Saitama is not poor but he struggles with money (although when Genos moves into lives with him such problem gets out of the way for now) he doesn’t have a girlfriend and one more thing:

Saitama doesn’t like that he can kill everyone in one blow. He wants a challenge. He wants to run for his money. But unfortunately, none to very few can do that in his universe and one more thing. Every time you see for example Goku fighting some new enemy you are cheering for Goku to win and you see him struggle. But here you are actually cheering for the villain to actually survive a punch and push Saitama for a bit.

Point is there is a lot of character development and other characters/heroes who are not as strong as Saitama are actually struggling for their lives to defeat a monster so it is not boring as you think. Usually in the end heroes lose after good battle and Saitama saves them by casually killing a monster with a simple nonchalant punch.

It’s a really funny and thoughtful anime/manga. The secondary characters all get loads of screen time and development. Saitama is generally the last resort. He is busy playing video games and grocery shopping most of the time. He is very aloof that way. It depends on the viewer but there is a lot of good comedy too!!

I Hope, you really like my article related to Top 5 Anime or Cartoon you had watched on Childhood!

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