Top 5 Best Website to Check Free credit/Cibil Score

Top 5 Best website to check free credit/Cibil Score A 3 digit number that represents your creditworthiness is called a Credit score. This score ranges between 300 and 900 and is calculated basis your track-record of past loans and credit cards. A high credit score, usually over 750, is preferred by banks and other lenders to provide new loans and credit cards. The customers can keep an eye over their credit score for free, with monthly updates, from more than one credit bureaus, including CIBIL. This will not create any impact on your score and comes with easy monthly tracking that should help build your credit score.

The following are the best websites where we can check the credit score:


Using data and technology innovations, the company helps customers choose the best & most-suited financial products. Since 2014, they have earned the trust and goodwill of over 22 million consumers. The link to the website is:


The world’s first neutral online marketplace for instant customized rate quotes on loans and credit cards is Bank The link for this website is:


Wish Fin is a platform run by My wish Marketplaces Private Limited (MMPL). MMPL has pioneered financial marketplaces in India. The company runs neutral financial marketplaces that grasp its proprietary technology to intermediate between the banks and customers seeking banking products. MMPL operated websites include Wish Fin and Deal4loans. MMPL has nearly 10 million customers and has always tried to support its customers by fulfilling their wishes and helping them make “Responsible Financial Decisions”. You can click on this link to check the credit score from this website: is the pilot of the credit information company in India having one of the largest collections of consumer information. The company creates value for its members by providing information for economic opportunity, information for great experiences, and information for personal empowerment. With comprehensive, reliable information on consumer and commercial borrowers, they’re ready to make sound credit decisions about individuals and businesses, better manage risk and devise appropriate lending strategies to reduce costs and increase portfolio profitability. The link for this website is:

Bajaj Finserv Limited, our parent, deals with the financial services of the Bajaj Group. The core businesses extend across Lending, Insurance, and Wealth Advisory. A passionate specialization in customer-centricity is driving us to make a One-Stop digital marketplace providing solutions for retail and SME customers across their life cycle, by offering financing, protection of assets, protection of the family, savings, management of wealth, and retirement solution. The link for this website is:


You can choose one or two of the websites among the list to check the Credit score.

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