Top 5 Recipes for Bodybuilding Meal Plan for any Gym Food Member

Top 5 Recipes for Bodybuilding Meal Plan for any Gym Food Member In order to maximize your body & fitness, you should be 100% Concentrate on Diet & Food Plan.

The list is the Food Recipes For Bodybuilding Meal Pan & Gym Food

  1. OatMeal
  2. Soy Freid Rice
  3. Paneer Bhurji
  4. Egg Wrap
  5. Cheese Spinach Sandwich

Before going to start the list of Food Recipes For Bodybuilding Meal Plan & Gym Food. We should know the information like Fruits, Green Vegetable & Egg itself give you a lot of proteins & Vitamins.

One of the great bodybuilders said that Out Off 100% percent almost 70% are of Diet & Remaining 30% are of Gym. 70% in Diet, hence you realize the importance of Diet.

1. [ps2id id=’1′ target=”/]OATMEAL

-50 gm Oats
-1 Glass of Fresh Milk
-Half piece of Apple
-1 tsp Cinnamon
-8 Cashews


Take a Bowl and add 1 glass of fresh milk. Add 50 gm of oats in that bowl. Then cut the apple into half and add in it. After that add 8 cashews with sprinkling 1 tsp cinnamon. Mix all ingredients properly & your oatmeal is ready.

I hope you understand How to make OatMeal & importance in the diet.

Oat Meal

2. [ps2id id=’2′ target=”/]SOY FRIED RICE

-180 gm White Rice
-30 gm Soy Chunks
-1 tsp Hot Sauce
-2 Chopped Onions
-Sprinkle Bell pepper


You have to cook 180 gm of white rice in water for 10 mins. When it will readily take that on a big plate. Boiled 30 gm of soy chunks for 15-20 mins.
Then add those soy chunks and rice in frying pan with a small frame. Take 2 chopped onions and add in it. Put 1 tsp hot sauce and sprinkle bell paper in it. After sometime when fried rice will readily place in its plate.

Soy Fried Rice

3. [ps2id id=’3′ target=”/]PANEER BHURJI

-250 gm Low Fat Paneer
-2 Chopped Onions
-2 Chopped Tomato
-10 Pieces of Green Beans
-1 Spoon of Oil
-1 tsp Salt


Take 250 gm low fat paneer and cut it into small pieces. Make fry pan hot on gas and add 1 spoon of oil and add those paneer pieces. Cut 2 onions and tomato and add in the pan. Add some coriander with 10 pieces of green beans. Add a handful amount of jeera, Cummins with 1 tsp of salt. After sometime paneer bhurji will be ready and serve it on the plate.

Paneer Bhurji

4. [ps2id id=’4′ target=”/]EGG WRAP

-2 Whole Eggs & 2 Egg Whites
-1 Whole Roti
-1 Chopped Cabbage
-1 Chopped Cucumber
-1 tsp Salt
-1 tsp Tomato Chutney


First, you have to boil six whole eggs, after it will be boiled remove yolks from 2 eggs, and only take egg whites of such eggs. After this make that whole boiled eggs and egg whites into small pieces. Then chopped 1 cabbage and 1 cucumber and place it on 1 whole large roti and add pieces of eggs into it. Add 1 tsp of salt with 1 tsp tomato chutney and make a roll of that roti in a particular way and twist its bottom so ingredients in roti will not be able to drop from that side of the end.

Egg Wrap

5. [ps2id id=’5′ target=”/]CHEESE SPINACH SANDWICH

-2 Slices of Brown Bread
-1/2 Cup of Spinach
-1 Spoon of Peanut Butter
-1 Slice of Cheese
-1 tsp Chat Masala


Wash 1/2 cup of spinach properly. Take 2 slices of brown bread and add 1 spoon of butter on the surface of a slice of brown bread. Add that spinach and take a slice of cheese between it. Sprinkle 1 tsp of chat masala on both sides and make sandwiches ready.

Cheese Spinach Sandwich

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