Top 7 Most Popular Indian Dishes & States

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Top 7 Most Popular Indian Dishes & States, India consists of a total of 28 states and seven union territories. India is a nation that is so vibrant and diverse and every state is exhibiting s different culture, tradition, way of life, language. So, whether you are spending a few days in down south Kerala or up north in Kashmir, you will understand to different in the kind of food. This is what makes India one of the much-loved countries by gourmet foodies the world lover.

Top 7 Most Popular Indian Dishes & States

Top 7 Most Popular Indian Dishes & States

Here is a listing of a few Indian states and their special dishes, so when you travel these states you must try their must special dishes before say goodbye.

1. West Bengal

Bengal is just the right state for those who love sweets and fish. This state is a strange combination where you will find famous Bengali restaurants and Bengal sweets. They are serving traditional cuisine in almost every city you visit. One of the famous dishes is doing much, which is Bengal fish curry with rice, and the most popular dish is rosogolla(in Kolkata). Other well known include the jhingri malaikari(a special mustard oil and coconut prawn curry), Sandesh, and misti doi.

2. Maharashtra

Throughout this state, you can find amazing restaurants serving typical local food. The most cherished food is the vacation packages, which is a potato fitted stuffed between bread buns served with chutney, onion, and green chili. Other famous dishes included, pav-bhaji, shrikhand, poha, thalipeeth and modak.

3. Punjab

This northern state is especially popular for this amazing local cuisine that is relished throughout the country,. Must try the Makki ki roti and Sarson da saag, which is a popular combination of Punjab with bread and gravy made of mustard leaves and spices. Also, famous dishes are lassi(sweetened buttermilk), Chola-bhatura, rajma-chawal, find their foods in this region.

4. Andhra Pradesh

Only this is the state that has given the world one of the most famous dishes- biriyani, Andhra Pradesh especially famous for the authentic Hyderabad biriyani. Biriyani is made of layered rice which is cooked with any type of meat, chicken, and vegetables. Other popular food options are Mirchi salad, pickle and Kaikoura.

5. Tamil Nadu

This state is the origin of the most famous South Indian dishes that are eaten around the world. The taste of India cannot be complete without mention of the dosa and idli. There are varieties of dosa, in which a fermented crepe made of rice batter is filled with potatoes and serve with coconut chutney and sambhar. In the state other famous food options to take in are idli, apparently, Pongal, rasam.

6. Sikkim

The cuisine of this state is influenced by the northeastern part of India and Nepal. One of the best famous food in this region is momos, which is a dough of maida, fill the dough with meat, vegetables or cheese filling served with soup and chutney. Also, phagshapa, thukpa and salt roti are quite popular in this region.

7. Rajasthan

This state influenced by beautiful palaces and vibrant history. The region presents a variety of delicacies when it comes to food,. One of the most amazing dishes is daal-baati, which consists of hard balls made of wheat flour and fried in ghee, and a special deal made of different types of pulses. It is usually served with churma, a sweet dish prepared by causing baptism and adding sugar and ghee. Other popular food options in the state you have must try in are pyaaz Kathori, malai ghewar, and kalakand.

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