Why we all Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

Why do we all need to Practice Emotional First Aid? We all are aware of cures for a physical injury, but most of us wouldn’t even be familiar with the concept of Emotional First Aid. Even a kid knows that you need to clean your wounds and put a band-aid on them to prevent any severe consequences. Then, WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT OUR MENTAL HEALTH? If one asks me, this is an essential piece of knowledge that must be disseminated by experts.

Why do we all need to Practice Emotional First Aid?

A human is more likely to suffer 10 times more Emotional injuries than physical injuries. If only society would want to heal these issues instead of calling a specific individual “mad”. Physical hygiene is now a part of our daily routine, but is emotional routine even a thing? Unlike physical injuries, we are taught to suppress or GET OVER emotional injuries!

What causes Emotional Damage?

First and foremost, it’s not possible to understand psychology for every different human brain. But what I know is that any basic failure can also hit you hard. You don’t need to have a darn big reason to get emotionally hurt. But people find it hard to digest that even the smallest of issues can cause such great damage!

Failures or Fear of Failure

An individual has different levels of tolerance. Too many rejections and failures, be it in your own career domain or falling short of somebody’s expectations. It does hurt, but some of us can take it too seriously to even land-up in depression.

Loneliness and Heart-breaks

Definitely, not a reason to be sad about? But as I previously mentioned, nobody can decide for another individual. While a heck lot of people will just tell you not to waste your time in such stupid thoughts, but none will actually discuss something to make you feel better!

How to Practice Emotional First Aid?

Recently, we’ve had a very concerned psychologist Guy Winch talk about what all we could do for making ourselves feel better. Firstly, we need to lower down our expectations and shouldn’t expect people to help us out of our puddles!

Battle Negative Thoughts

The urge to overthink can be drastic and life-changing. Regardless, a human brain is capable of shifting its focus. And that’s what you gotta do! KEEP YOURSELF BUSY. Dr. Winch explains that when we are bleeding emotionally, we should treat ourselves with the same emotional compassion you would expect from a good friend.
Practicing these emotional first aids can change your outlook towards the quality of life. And yes, YOU CAN’T JUST GET OVER IT. It is an issue equal to physical injuries, or even greater. And it’s high time society begins to understand this and give it equal importance.

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